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I'm not that big of a U-Kiss fan but I had to share these pictures because slash (yaoi) fans of all fandoms will be able to appreciate the deliciousness of these shots. The makeup. The silky shirts. The white sheets. Soohyun's hand on Alexander's stomach! Kevin's hand sliding under his thigh... *fans self* The photographer had to be a slash fan!

This is my personal favorite so I had to post it in full size.
You'll have to click on the others below to see them in HQ.

Solo shots of my two favorites: Kevin & Kiseob. How can they be so effing gorgeous?

And to end this glorious post of ghei, behind the scenes shots!

I may have to start paying more attention to U-Kiss now...

Date: 2009-12-07 09:37 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
This is quite reminiscent of the SHINee photoshoot that was like this. Maybe it was the same photographer? XDD

And the only thing I know about U-Kiss is that HyungJoon's brother is in it, and their one song (can't remember the title) is addicting. Maybe I'll have to get into them, too. :D

Date: 2009-12-07 09:46 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, I thought of the SHINee shoot too. But even that wasn't quite as ghei as this.

Haha. Me too. Though I did finally end up learning all their names while I was subbing "Man Man Ha Ni". I'd look up more stuff about them but MBLAQ & SHINee keep me pretty busy these days :D

Date: 2009-12-07 11:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm that's true. The SHINee shoot was more "innocent pure love" whereas this is more "fluffy forbidden love" which may as well just translate to flat out ghei.

MBLAQ and SHINee will keep anyone busy right now, what with Minho in Vancouver and MBLAQ performing nearly constantly and their show and everything. :DDD

Date: 2009-12-07 11:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oooohh... Kevin is so DELICIOUS in these pix! i wanna eat him


Date: 2009-12-08 07:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
IKR? He looks so angelic!

Date: 2009-12-08 12:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

so true ♥

Date: 2009-12-07 11:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*grin* me likes it! haha
i'm all for the ghei XDD

ukiss isn't one of my favorites, mainly due to their crappy producer, but since their last single they've turned over a new leaf - one that i'm enjoying much^^

Date: 2009-12-08 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

I never paid attention to them before because their songs were so mediocre but now .... yum!

Date: 2009-12-07 12:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've started paying attention to them ever since they came out with their latest single. It's crazily addicting!

Haha. Thanks for posting all the gheiness...I'm totally fangirling and drooling over them right now =))

Date: 2009-12-08 07:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Me too!

This is such perfect bait for reeling in the fangirls :D

Date: 2009-12-07 08:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I don't really pay attention to U-Kiss outside of having a few of their songs on my ipod, but yeah, this shoot is just aesthetically gorgeous, *______*. the makeup and coloring is so pretty. alsoalso, the behind-the-scenes ones are adorable, ;~;.

speaking of which, haven't talked to you in ages! how have you been doing, carmen? :)

Date: 2009-12-08 07:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'm not into the fandom either but these pics ... just guh. I love everything about them. They're so serene and loving.

Sorry, I'm terrible at keeping up with LJ friends! I've been ridiculously busy lately. It's gotten so bad that four hours of sleep has because the norm for me ><;

Date: 2009-12-08 01:53 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I know nothing of K-pop, have only just started watching K-drama but DAMN, those pics are pretty!

Date: 2009-12-08 07:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I started with Kdramas too! It's only a matter of time before the Kpop draws you it ;D

Date: 2009-12-08 04:17 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
lol carmen..I add you..can I be you friend cuz we have something in common..SPAZZER ..hehe

whoaa seriously love UKISS..lovge love love

Date: 2009-12-08 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sure, you're welcome to add me :)

I'm just starting to get into them and they're so much fun!

Date: 2009-12-08 08:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
But seriously your title is cute...
I mean..
GAY-ish photoshoot ever..
I think usually japanese boyband do something like this..hahahahaha
so your fave in UKISS is Kevin and Kiseop ?

btw, thank you so much for your amazing sub's really really not an easy thing to do but you willing to share it to us..
well, that person who upload it without your permission, let
s hunt them together..If I ever found one, I TELL YOU..
sound evil enough ehh ?

Date: 2009-12-11 09:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Lol I bet the photographer was going for a harem theme here xD

Date: 2010-01-19 03:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
awww, kevin and dongho pouting....
must breathe.

Date: 2010-02-08 04:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
everyone looks very pretty *___*.


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