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Wow, I haven't updated in a while!

School has started again so I've been trying to get back into the groove of things. I know, I know, I still need to post that last China Diary entry. I'll try to get to it soon! I've been missing my students a lot lately. I keep wondering how they're doing and what their new teachers are like. And if their English has gotten better.

I've already been dying to see the new Korean movie "Ajusshi" aka "The Man From Nowhere", and then I stumbled across some gifs of the trailer made by [ profile] jetsetlag. Now I'm never going to get anything done. Guh, just look at him! Wonbin is such perfection, inside and out.

Also, I'm sorry this is so late but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the birthday present, [ profile] unfamousl! It totally caught me by surprise. I was confused for a while when I saw the package since I didn't remember ordering anything :P Your generosity always amazes me! *HUGS*
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Why do I always post more when I should be studying? *sigh* I'll make this short.

I was on Youtube and I came across some MR (music removed) videos. It's basically when the backtrack is removed and you get to hear the singer's REAL vocals during a live performance. I watched a bunch of perfromances and after being impressed with SHINee and SuJu, I had to look up Shinhwa.

... and let's just say, they live up to and far exceed their legendary status. The boys KILLED it!
I just have no words to describe how amazing they are. Especially Dongwan & Hyesung at the end *__*

Give me back my Shinhwa, stupid army! They can't return soon enough ;__;

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I should be working on my term paper right now but I need to take a moment to flail over the influx of new pictures of my MBLAQ OTP: Seungho/Joon

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Oh Korea. Why are your cell phone ads always so epic?
.... and how am I ever supposed to take 2PM serious again?

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This is the first time I ever streamed a Kpop award show live so I was extra excited and couldn't contain my inner fangirl spazzing. I only watched the first half of the show live and then I was too sleepy so some of the reactions were written this afternoon. Sorry if there are tons of typos!

Be warned though. A lot of the stuff here is written "in the moment" so the emotions and words are raw and unfiltered. I'll probably piss some people off with what I say but please remember that this is just my opinion. Nothing more and nothing less.

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