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I'm seriously pissed about the lack of Kiseop in the new U-Kiss video! WTF is this all about?
Why did you idiots add a new member if he gets ZERO lines and half a second closeups shots?!
I don't even know him that well but I feel so bad for him. This has to suck so badly.
He works just as hard as the other guys and people don't even realize he's there :(

I've just going to go indulge myself in the Kiseop cut from Manmanhani.
Most of this is really awkward but 1:03 always makes me smile :D

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*sigh* This is worse than writers block.

I've been working on a multi-chapter 2PM/SHINee fic for a while and now only the last chapter is left. I was about halfway done with it when the whole Jaebum fiasco went down. At first I couldn't even think about finishing but now time has passed and I thought I'd try to get back to it. But I just couldn't do it. The characterization of Jaebum I used was all happy, goofy and awkward and with no happy inspiration to work off, I couldn't even write a single sentence.

I'm so conflicted now because I really want to finish the story. It's been left hanging for too long and I like what I've written so far. But I don't know what to do. I tried watching old 2PM variety shows to remember the happy times but I just end up missing him terribly.

Is anyone else having the same problem? Is it too soon for happy!Jae fics?

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This is the first time I ever streamed a Kpop award show live so I was extra excited and couldn't contain my inner fangirl spazzing. I only watched the first half of the show live and then I was too sleepy so some of the reactions were written this afternoon. Sorry if there are tons of typos!

Be warned though. A lot of the stuff here is written "in the moment" so the emotions and words are raw and unfiltered. I'll probably piss some people off with what I say but please remember that this is just my opinion. Nothing more and nothing less.

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