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Wow, I haven't updated in a while!

School has started again so I've been trying to get back into the groove of things. I know, I know, I still need to post that last China Diary entry. I'll try to get to it soon! I've been missing my students a lot lately. I keep wondering how they're doing and what their new teachers are like. And if their English has gotten better.

I've already been dying to see the new Korean movie "Ajusshi" aka "The Man From Nowhere", and then I stumbled across some gifs of the trailer made by [ profile] jetsetlag. Now I'm never going to get anything done. Guh, just look at him! Wonbin is such perfection, inside and out.

Also, I'm sorry this is so late but THANK YOU SO MUCH for the birthday present, [ profile] unfamousl! It totally caught me by surprise. I was confused for a while when I saw the package since I didn't remember ordering anything :P Your generosity always amazes me! *HUGS*
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I was just asked for an interview at the school of my choice for the graduate program I've been praying to get into. Holy Crap.

Yeah, this doesn't mean I'm accept yet but in this program if you get asked for an interview by at least one school, you get put on a special candidates list that other schools (you didn't even apply to!) will chose from if they aren't able to fill all their spots.

I don't talk about my personal life much so I can't properly explain how long I've been dying for this day and all the crap I've been through to get here. I'm finally one step closer to the career I want!

My family isn't at home right now so I have no one to spazz with :(
Okay, I'll just go run around the house once so I can calm down enough to work on subbing "Binggeul Binggeul" :D

P.S. F-list, I'm so sorry I haven't been commenting (or reading your entries) these days. Between applying to grad school, doing all the paperwork for graduation, volunteering, job shadowing, my lab research and the 19 credits I'm taking this semester, I've barely had time to breathe. This is my last semester of college (well as an undergraduate at least) so please bear with me until I graduate in May!

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I hope everyone had a great holiday!

My family didn't do much this year but I got to spend time with them so it was good. I can't believe how old my cousins are getting. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was helping them learn to walk and now they're starting high school! ;___; I feel so old...

But in happy news, thank you so much to [ profile] not_sally, [ profile] siscokid98 & [ profile] allbottledup for their pretty virtual gifts. Final exams sucked up all my attention and I'm sorry I didn't thank you earlier!

And a HUGE thank you to [ profile] unfamousl for her never ending kindness and generosity. I opened your gift yesterday and was so excited to see the BSG DVDs! Even my dad and brother were super excited so thank you from all of us! *HUGS* You are too awesome for this world!


Dec. 22nd, 2009 03:14 pm
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Final Exams Are Over! Whoo!!!!

I feel so lazy right now even though I know I can't afford to be. I have 5 MBLAQ fics in the process of being written and I still need to finish my Minho/Key & Seungho/Joon followups. I have about a billion videos to sub for [ profile] worldvidz. I have so many graphics & requests to finish that I've been putting off forever. I want to change the headers and layouts for all my comms and this journal. And so much real life stuff I promised I would catch up with once exams were over. Ugh. Now it's all piled up and I'm getting scared just looking at the list O_O

*sigh* I guess I'll just tackle it one by one....

I hope everyone else is enjoying their break :D

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I'm not gonna lie, I was so sad when I first saw this. Not because I hate the thought of Joon with a girl (I'm sort of excited to see how he and Hyomin interact) but THAT right there is a scene right out of my dream date. I've wanted to learn how to ice-skate since I was little but I just never got around to it. And I'm dying for the day I find the right guy who will take my hand and finally teach me. *clutches heart* I know that's totally random and probably not as romantic in real life but it's just been a fantasy of mine for the longest time.

My life needs to hurry up and sort itself the hell out because I really want to find my special someone. Of course that's not going to happen for at least two more years because I SO cannot afford the added stress of a boyfriend right now. *sigh*

P.S. Sorry I've been ignoring you, f-list. I'll try to catch up once exams are over.


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